When Inspiration Strikes

February 21, 2017

We are nearing a new moon (Sunday) and wow, the energy of inspiration is not only pouring in, but it is also beginning to become more and more focused! All of the ideas that came in with the full moon may be beginning to either come together and fall away as the most important idea emerges. This may be a specific goal or intention that begins to feel incredibly important to you for this year.

Over the weekend I really noticed this. Ideas for new jewelry collections began flooding in . . . in dream time, in waking time, while trimming trees in our gardens. I also know that when my inspiration begins to feel more focused there is a part of me that wants to rush into action like the honey-bees that emerged over the weekend looking for food (It's been unusually warm in Wisconsin right now and I share more about the bees in this week's podcast. Listen below). But it is still technically winter and it is still time to really receive what is coming in and allow it to become more and more clear before stepping into action in the spring season. 

But, with the energy flowing there are ways that we can open our creative channels and allow that current to guide us and create more focus and clarity around our intention or goal for the year. 

Listen in to discover three great practices for opening your creative channels . . .

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