Let’s Get Rooted + 4 Jewels for Strong Roots

February 2, 2017

Let's get rooted!

This topic has been in my heart for the past couple weeks . . . especially as we, in the US, inaugurated a new president. Lots of changes. Lots of uproar. And Lots of uprooting of what many of us perceived to be the very foundation of our lives and of our country.

In many ways this feels like a point of complete turning over.

Right now many of us are experiencing some level of the chaos that ensues such drastic and unexpected changes. We are experiencing emotions that may feel unfamiliar. We are struggling to understand and at the same time finding ourselves not only called into a whole new level of action, but also taking action that may have been previously uncharacteristic. Action inspired by the deepest parts of ourself. Some part of self has awakened in this process and we are saying “I will not go back to sleep. I will no longer remain silent.” Yet at the same time we wonder ‘how?’.

During this time I have been finding myself called to work with my roots and my favorite root chakra jewels.

The messages that seem to be just pouring forward are that now is a time to rise. Now is a time to let go of any fear, resistance, and untruth that previously interfered with our willingness to stand in what we know to be true and what we believe at the deepest levels of our soul. 

Listen in and discover how you too can work with these beautiful allies to root deeper into your knowing of you and the unique ways you are here to contribute to the world at this time. 

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