Crystals in the Moonlight

April 21, 2016

Oooh . . . it is full moon tonight!

The full moon is a time when the light of the moon illuminates what has been hanging out in our shadow so that we can surrender or shed the shadow beliefs and patterns that are holding us back from expanding into our wholeness. For that reason, this is one of my favorite times to make such energetic shifts through ceremony and sacred practice.

One of my FAVORITE full moon practices is to place all of my crystals outside, on the earth, in the moonlight.
Our crystals (in particular the ones we most frequently work with) are wonderful mirrors for us . . . and when we become stuck in a rut or need to shake things up in our lives, our crystals are a perfect place to begin. Getting our crystals outside, on the earth, in the moonlight is just like opening our windows on a warm spring day . . . everything feels refreshed.
When you do this, it is also wonderful to spend a little time with your jewels just tuning into the moon’s energy, the crystal’s energy, the earth’s energy and the wisdom they have to share. I find that when all of my jewels are laid out together it feels as though they are having a little party and with that celebration opening space for a powerful shift in consciousness.
Listen in and discover how you can do this sacred practice tonight!

S4E3 - I went to Shaman School because I wanted to be an Artist

April 14, 2016

Yes, I know, from every logical perspective this probably sounds ridiculous, but it is true: I went to shaman school because I wanted to be an artist.

Sometimes the path we take to get where we want to be is not always the obvious path and I'm sure you have also come to know (and experience) that intuitive guidance is not always logical.

But when we say yes, following our guidance and taking the illogical step we often discover ourselves to be walking our perfect path. For me, the path of shamanism opened to me a whole new way of working with the crystals and stones to create healing and transformation. It guided me to unleash my unique creative processes and techniques. Listen in and learn more . . . 

S4E2 - How to keep Crystal Collecting a Sacred Practice

April 3, 2016

A really beautiful conversation opened up on my facebook page recently. I shared a picture from a visit to the shores of Lake Michigan and one of the ladies in our community shared how such a place is 'simultaneously heaven and hell to a rockhound like myself with a (self-imposed) one-rock-comes-home limit'.

This is something I can completely relate to, but I was not always like that. I (and my family) have stories about coming home with pails full of rocks. Yes, I love rocks and I LOVE to collect them. No one ever really said it was a problem, but one day the crystals let me know that I was a bit of a crystal hoarder  and it is time to let them go. Since then my relationship with crystals has definitely changed and I feel so much more discerning about my perfect crystal allies. 

Listen in and discover 4 great reasons why it's just as amazing to leave the crystals in their natural home as it is to bring them into your home.