S3E2 - Breaking the Winter Silence

January 27, 2016

We are nearing the mid-point of the winter season. In the US we mark this date with a celebration of Groundhogs day, but the celebration of this day is a tradition much older, it marks the celebration of Imbolc. It is a point where we feel an internal energetic shift away from the deep stillness and silence of the winter season and begin moving towards the more active and generative energy of spring. Our inner fire begins to warm and we feel naturally called to take action on the seeds we have been nurturing within. 

In this week's episode I share with you the ceremony I offer annually to mark this transition . . . I call it the 'breaking the winter silence ceremony'. Listen in and discover how you can create this ceremony and break your winter silence. 
Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly, Lori

S3E1 - 3 Steps to Setting an Empowering 2016 Intention

January 10, 2016

Happy new year, my sacred friends!

In this first episode of the 2016 we are talking about the power of intention and how to set an intention for the year that will light you up, excite you, challenge you, and invite you to Rise!
Tune in and start your year off with a truly empowering intention!