S2E5 - Celebrating Samhain

October 31, 2015

Samhain, an ancient Celtic celebration that begins at sunset on October 31st and ends at sunset on November 1st, is a day to mark the mid-point of the fall season and honor our ancestors. It is regarded as a day when the veil between the worlds is thin and our prayers to and from our loved ones are able to be received with greater clarity. It is also a wonderful time to honor the role death plays in our natural life cycle. There are many ways to honor and celebrate this day. 

Listen in and discover how to bring more meaningful presence to this sacred day. 

S2E4 - Do you trust your vision?

October 12, 2015

Our sense of vision for life is one of our most powerful allies. Yet too often we become overwhelmed or fearful about how to make our vision our reality. We worry about the practicality. We worry about having the skills to see it through. We worry about how it will be received by our loved ones. And even worse, we give ourselves a fear-filled reality check deflating our vision before it ever has a chance to show us how to bring it to life.

Yes, our vision will reveal the how, but we need to first receive our it, trust it, love it, embrace it, and plant it like a seed in our lives. As we do, the how reveals itself. It is time, my sacred friend, to trust your vision and bring it to life!
Tune in and learn more!

S2E4.1 - Crystal Message - Temple Heart Crystal (Dow)

October 12, 2015

I just received an amazing Temple Heart Crystal and I am so excited to connect with it and share a bit of its wisdom in this episode. Tune in to learn more.

S2E3 - Discover the Power of Your Ancestral Stories

October 7, 2015

There are beliefs, stories, patterns, and ways of being that have lived within our family from one generation to the next. Many of them are just accepted, but not really empowering us. As we begin to step forward in our lives, creating a path that is unconventional or different than how we have been raised to believe life to be we meet these patterns face to face. As we do, we have an opportunity to heal them, honor them, and then create our new story. This is how we create freedom for ourselves and how we create freedom for our family. 

Tune in and discover how you are reliving your ancestral stories and how you can rewrite them into a new and empowering story.