S4E1 - Activate Your Crystal Connection - Crystal Messages + Shamanic Journey

March 29, 2016

Crystal messages and insights abound. 

I've been running a live webcast series entitled: Activate Your Crystal Connection and wanted to share with you part two where we explore how to receive messages from crystals and stones and take a shamanic journey into the crystal realms. 

Listen in to discover how dropping into our heart centers and opening the channels of connection to the language of crystals and stones offers so many insights and so much wisdom. 

Want to learn more about the 3 part webcast series Activate Your Crystal Connection? Visit http://loriaandrus.com/crystal

S3E5 - Let’s Get Grounded - 4 Practices to get Grounded Today

March 3, 2016

Being grounded is so important. It plays such an important role in how we show up and experience our day to day lives. When we are ungrounded it can be difficult to make clear (and empowered) decisions. It can be difficult to bring our full focus and attention to what is most important to us. And ungroundedness can create a sense of disconnect from life itself.

When we are grounded we are able to be fully present for our life. Being grounded allows us to be fully present in our lives, to claim our life. It helps us to bring form to the ideas, dreams, and visions that have been awakened within our soul. It helps us to make crystal clear decisions about what to let go of and what to hold on to.

In this week’s episode I dive into the topic of groundedness exploring what causes us to become or feel ungrounded and 4 Sacred Practices that will get you Grounded today.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Priestess Pathway Podcast, and Let’s Get Grounded!

S3E5.1 - 7 Crystals for Getting Grounded

March 1, 2016

Let's get grounded . . . this is the Priestess Pathway podcast theme for the week. And of course I have many favorite crystals for supporting us in getting grounded. 

Listen in and discover how these 7 amazing crystals can support you in getting grounded today!
p.s. None of these jewels are hematite . . . yes, there are many fantastic stones for getting grounded!
p.p.s. Registration for the Journey Jewels Certification program will be opening in March . . . get on the first to know list here: http://loriaandrus.com/jjguide

S3E4.2 - Self Love Guided Meditation

February 19, 2016

During this guided meditation you will be invited to drop into your heart center and lovingly guide it to connect with the rhythm of our great mother earth. This is incredibly soothing and brings balance to your energy.

S3E4.1 - Crystals of Self Love

February 19, 2016

There are so many amazing stones that activate the heart chakra and open us to giving and receiving self love. This week I share 3 great crystals for self love: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Kunzite

S3E4 - 3 Great Acts of Self Love

February 19, 2016

I was recently interviewed on the topic of love and when asked the question about what the most important thing I have learned about love is, I was surprised when I answered that it is giving myself permission to experience and express all of my emotions. 

This prompted a little deeper inquiry for me about self love and what I see as the 3 greatest acts of self love. Tune in and discover how embracing these three acts of self love can be absolutely life changing.

S3E3 - 5 Tips for Focused, Fun, and Successful Gem Show Shopping

February 7, 2016

For my crystal loving friends . . . 

Ever go gem shopping and find yourself feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded, and indecisive because of all of the crystal energy?
You're not alone! I remember my very first gem show. It was the annual Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI.

It was 2005 and I was so excited. This was my very first show. I had just begun selling jewelry and was eager to shop the show. I just knew there would be amazing finds not available online or in my favorite local shop. But what I did not plan for was the energetic overload nor did I have any idea how HUGE this show was. As a result I was overwhelmed, I overspent, did not make the best choices (ie I bought dyed and unevenly drilled stones which are not great for consistency in jewelry designs).

Basically I learned A LOT and in this weeks podcast I share several of my gem show shopping tips and tricks. Take a listen to learn more!

S3E2.1 - Breaking the Winter Silence Guided Meditation

February 1, 2016

Tune in for a magical, candlelit journey to break your winter silence. This guided meditation will guide you in stoking your inner fire and strengthening your inner will to bring these seeds to full life. 

S3E2 - Breaking the Winter Silence

January 27, 2016

We are nearing the mid-point of the winter season. In the US we mark this date with a celebration of Groundhogs day, but the celebration of this day is a tradition much older, it marks the celebration of Imbolc. It is a point where we feel an internal energetic shift away from the deep stillness and silence of the winter season and begin moving towards the more active and generative energy of spring. Our inner fire begins to warm and we feel naturally called to take action on the seeds we have been nurturing within. 

In this week's episode I share with you the ceremony I offer annually to mark this transition . . . I call it the 'breaking the winter silence ceremony'. Listen in and discover how you can create this ceremony and break your winter silence. 
Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly, Lori

S3E1 - 3 Steps to Setting an Empowering 2016 Intention

January 10, 2016

Happy new year, my sacred friends!

In this first episode of the 2016 we are talking about the power of intention and how to set an intention for the year that will light you up, excite you, challenge you, and invite you to Rise!
Tune in and start your year off with a truly empowering intention!