Welcome to the Priestess Pathway Podcast

June 7, 2015

Hello my Sacred Sister, I am Lori Andrus and welcome to the Priestess Pathway Podcast.

The Priestess Pathway Podcast is a weekly series that offers a sacred path for women who desire an intimate relationship with their Divine Feminine Soul. 

I believe that now is the time for us, as women to create that relationship. I believe it is time for us to open our hearts and breathe in the wholeness of life. To listen to the voice within. To stand in our power. Our truth. Our wisdom. Our knowing. Our vision. Our radiance. Our beauty. Our love. Our divinity.

I believe now is the time to stand in who we were born to be with courage, strength, and passion.

It is time to answer our inner call, to answer the inner whispers and nudges from spirit. It is time to trust them. Honor them. And Awaken to the powerful sacred women we are!

We do this by bringing the sacred into every facet of our lives and powerfully living our sacred path.

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