S4E2 - How to keep Crystal Collecting a Sacred Practice

April 3, 2016

A really beautiful conversation opened up on my facebook page recently. I shared a picture from a visit to the shores of Lake Michigan and one of the ladies in our community shared how such a place is 'simultaneously heaven and hell to a rockhound like myself with a (self-imposed) one-rock-comes-home limit'.

This is something I can completely relate to, but I was not always like that. I (and my family) have stories about coming home with pails full of rocks. Yes, I love rocks and I LOVE to collect them. No one ever really said it was a problem, but one day the crystals let me know that I was a bit of a crystal hoarder  and it is time to let them go. Since then my relationship with crystals has definitely changed and I feel so much more discerning about my perfect crystal allies. 

Listen in and discover 4 great reasons why it's just as amazing to leave the crystals in their natural home as it is to bring them into your home. 


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