Agreement 2 - Honor the Sacred Body Temple : Priestess Covenant

June 27, 2015

This week we are going to dive into honoring the body temple. This topic is both very exciting and a bit scary topic for me. 

Exciting because honoring my body temple is something that I am incredibly committed to, but sharing this is scary for me because in sharing this message I will be getting a bit vulnerable, I will be sharing with you some parts of my life that you may not have previously heard about. I will be sharing some painful experiences, ways that I perceived my own body, how I rejected it, and how a very real wake-up call guided me to create this sacred agreement with my soul . . . to honor my sacred body temple. 

This agreement came long before I stepped into my own priestess pathway and it is one that has grown and evolved significantly since embracing my priestess self. 

As we honor our body temple we become more and more present with our life. We become more finely attuned to our purpose and life path. 

Listen in to learn more.

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