Conversations with Wise Women - Monica Kenton

December 21, 2015

In this week's episode of 'Conversations with Wise Women' we are joined by Monica Kenton.

Join us as we enter into sacred conversation about about tapping into your intuition and developing an unshakable relationship with your inner wisdom.

More about Monica:

Monica Kenton is a shaman, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  She helps consciousness seeking entrepreneurs and professionals create both a life and business they love while making a positive difference to the planet. Combining spiritual/energetic principles from ancient wisdom with modern day strategies, she helps people break free of beliefs, patterns, and habits that have kept them from their highest potential.   Her work has been called fast, intense, powerful, life changing, and radical.  Using her own unique methods, within 4 months she left her University teaching job of 21 years while replacing her income and doing what she loves, as well as find the love of her life in that same time frame.   She teaches others that anything is possible….and it can take less time than one thinks.

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