Agreement 6 - Honoring Cycles and Rhythms

July 25, 2015

Sacred Agreement 6: Move with the natural rhythms and cycles.

As we discover and embrace natural life cycles we find fluidity in our lives. We begin to flow with all of life’s changes and harness natural momentums bringing our soul’s vision to life. 

I have really been looking forward to this topic. Bringing awareness to the cycles and rhythms of the natural world has really changed my life. It has shifted my judgements of myself and my own cycles. It has helped me to understand how and when to be gentle and nourishing with myself and when to step into action on a new projects. I sincerely hope that as we move through today’s podcast you will find inspiration and ideas on how to bring awareness to your own cycles and rhythms. 

Tune in and discover how you can harness the momentum of your natural cycles and rhythms.

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