Agreement 5 - Look at Life from all Perspectives

July 18, 2015

Sacred Agreement 5: Look at life from all perspectives.

As we honor the sacred thread that connects all of life we choose to walk the narrow path between all dualities. 

As priestesses, we want to be able to step outside of our direct experience of an event, interaction, or situation and see a bigger picture, see it through the eyes and lens of others, to see how it not only affects ourselves, but how it affects others, how it affects our community, our country, and the world. As we do, we can begin to come together, we can begin to create unity.  

It is simply a matter of choosing to step out of the battle between right and wrong and into a place of openness. To drop our guard or warrior self and to instead soften. To become receptive. To be present. To listen. This does not mean that we need to change our perspective, but as we open, we gain understanding and we find the beautiful middle place where all dualities meet, we discover the importance and essential nature of both, we understand the important role they play in the greater tapestry of life.

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