9 - Live with clear and focused intention

August 17, 2015

Are you living with clear and focused intention? 

I have not always been able to anwer yes to this question. There have been many points where I just rolled from one thing to the next not really asking for what I most wanted and even worse not taking the time to clarify what my soul most wanted. My own lack of clarity has led to some pretty big soul path detours .

Of course a detour offers an adventure of its own, but as I look back I recognize just how much more fulfilled I feel when I not only have a clear intention, but live in full alignment with that intention.

Over the years I have learned (through some wonderful and some not so wonderful experiences) how fulfilling life is when I tap into my souls deepest desires and vision and allow them to become a guiding compass for life.

In this weeks episode of the Priestess Pathway Podcast I share one of my biggest detours and how that lead me to create my Sacred Soul Agreement #9: Live with clear and focused intention. Listen in now!

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