4 Wisdom Messages from Peru (and 4 jewel allies)

December 3, 2016

Peru is a magical place filled with deep wisdom and powerful insights . . . and amazing jewels! My recent journey to the Sacred Valley was filled with experiences that brought forward a deeper understanding of how to move through this time of great transition.

Right now many of us are feeling like life as we have known it has, in some way, turned upside down . . . especially in the political arenas. But these big upsets are also playing out in our day to day lives. We are experiencing unexpected and sudden changes in our relationships, in our jobs, in our home life and so much more. And, at the same time many of us are feeling like in the midst of the chaos, something big is on the horizon . . . and that something feels really good!.

Part of this turning over is due to this past year of completion and letting go and another part is preparing us to become crystal clear about what me most desire in our lives and for the world. This is a time of incredible opportunity.

While in Peru, the consistent messages that came forward were about surrender (letting go of any part of self, any vision or dream, any relationship, or any work path that does not serve our highest good), redefining power and embracing our personal power, discovering the sweetness of life (what makes our heart sing and bringing that into all areas of life), and lifting the veils of visibility (discovering where we are hiding ourselves and then lifting the veils to reveal our most authentic self). 

Listen in to discover the jewels that have shown up as allies for this time and how you can bring some Peru magic into these final weeks of 2016!

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