11 - Become a Bridge Between Worlds

August 30, 2015

Sacred Agreement 11: Become a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

As we become both deeply rooted and cultivate our intuitive certainty, we bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. This is how we ground spiritual wisdom, insight, and knowing in a way that is practical and applicable to every day life. It is also how we bring our dreams into form. 

What happens is that as we become deeply rooted here on earth and as we cultivate intuitive certainty, we naturally develop our own processes for both accessing the wisdom of the spirit worlds and then grounding that wisdom here on earth so that it may begin to take physical form in a way that truly connects with others. This is a natural evolution on our spiritual journey.

This is something that a priestess refines and develops over time. Mastery is something that unfolds over a lifetime, but ultimately, this is how a priestess really begins to manifest her highest visions and how she supports others in doing the same. 

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