10 - Cultivate Intuitive Certainty

August 23, 2015

Sacred Agreement 10: Cultivate intuitive certainty.

When we know and trust our inner voice of wisdom we not only look within for answers and guidance but also trust and act pic our inner guidance. 

Ahh, this is a perfect topic for this weeks podcast as I have had a couple of experiences in the past week that I think showed up just to remind me of how important it is to fully trust our inner knowing. 

There are so many reasons we do not always listen to that little voice within . . . it could be because it is inconvenient, following its guidance will cost more money, we think we don’t have enough time, or maybe we value another persons inner voice or authority over our own. Whatever our reason is, choosing not listening to our inner voice can lead us down a very bumpy road. 

Whether you are looking to tap into your intuition or deepen a relationship with your intuitive self, tune in . . . this weeks episode is for you!

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