Agreement 1 - Root Deeply into Life : Priestess Covenant

June 20, 2015


This week we are talking about what it means to root deeply into life as we dive into the First Agreement of the Priestess Covenant. 

Being rooted is about taking our connection with Mother Earth deeper. It is about tapping deep into Her belly and growing roots that are nourished by what is unseen.

When we are rooted, our roots create a flow of energy to and from Mother Earth, one that receives nourishment from the earth, lets go of heavy energy, and offers you a solid foundation for growth.

When we root deeply, we develop a sense of trust in life itself. 

We create a solid foundation for our growth. From a solid foundation we are able to take empowered action. We develop a magnetic quality, a gravitational center.

We tap into and feel the earth's rhythms and cycles . . . and this enables us to move with them, to anticipate shifts in energy within the earth, within ourselves, and collectively. 

We are able to ground our vision, to plant it here on earth so that it also may be come our physical reality.

Listen in to learn more. 

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