Conversations with Wise Women - Dr. Mary Pritchard

November 29, 2015

In this week's episode of 'Conversations with Wise Women' we are joined by Dr. Mary E. Pritchard.

Join us as we dive into the topic of self image and body love. We get raw and real about our journey to self love. Tune in and learn more. 

Dr. Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC is a Psychologist and Body Love Expert, international bestselling author, founder of the thriving “Awakening the Goddess Within” virtual community, an esteemed blogger at Psychology Today and Huffington Post, the Body Image SOS columnist for BellaMia magazine  and the Expert Body Love Columnist for Aspire Magazine.  Dr. Mary is passionately dedicated to empowering today’s women in healing their relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves, reconnecting with their Inner Goddess, stepping through their perceived fears, and embracing the truth of who they are. 

Dr. Pritchard has been invited to share her inspiring wisdom and powerful insights as an author.  She is a coauthor of the international best-selling book Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Choosing Happiness, as well as a coauthor in Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy (Oct. 2015) and the bestseller The Wisdom of Midlife Women 2 Kindle book published by Inspired Living Publishing. 

Stop by today and claim your free 7-piece Goddess Path to Self-Love and Body Love gift bundle and to schedule a complimentary call with Dr. Mary. It’s time to Reclaim Body Love and Reignite your Goddess Self.

S2E7 - 5 Tips for Staying in Your Heart Center this Holiday Season

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always feel like the US Thanksgiving day opens a gateway to a season of celebration that closes with the New Year. It's a busy time. A time of reconnecting with family and friends, big meals, decorations, and parties. 
This time of the year can be very fun and it can be overwhelming. It is a time filled with family and cultural expectations that may no longer feel in alignment for you. It comes with family drama, differing belief systems and practices, disrupted schedules, and a ripple of generational patterns that come to the surface . . . and it can be difficult for us to stay in our center during this time. As we discover ways to stay in our center during the holidays, we discover and experience the deep joy that is present during this season. 

Tune in and discover 5 simple ways you can stay in your center this holiday season.

Conversations with Wise Women - Jennifer Kern Collins

November 22, 2015

In this week's episode of 'Conversations with Wise Women' we are joined by Jennifer Kern Collins.

Join us as we dive into the topic of drama, how it plays out in our lives, and how we can step out of drama living the 'Drama-Free Way'. 

Jennifer has worked in the helping professions for over ten years, as an addictions counselor and then as a coach. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and is well credentialed in the areas of coaching and neuro-transformation. She established her own business, Intrinsic SOULutions, in 2009 where she works with individual clients, leads private playshops (like workshops but more fun), and does training and speaking for organizations. When she's not having fun in her work you can find her traveling, salsa dancing, working out, singing, painting, chilling with friends, or lounging about in the glorious moments of doing absolutely nothing. 

Learn more about Jennifer here:

Conversations with Wise Women - Sarah Entrup

November 18, 2015

In this week's episode of 'Conversations with Wise Women' we are joined by Sarah Entrup.

Join us as Sarah shares what it means to her to move with creative rhythms and harness your natural creative momentum!

Sarah Entrup is a clairvoyant, healer, and guide, teaching practices of ancient magic for the modern, sophisticated seeker. Through guided meditations, workshops and private sessions she teaches practical ways to remove blocks and overcome inhibiting internal patterns & programming. She specializes in helping women tap into the inherent pleasure and power of their bodies so they can create from their light and wholeness. With grace and grit, sass and sincerity, Sarah has worked with hundreds of high-level execs and spiritual seekers all over the world. She has a BA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and is an ordained Minister with the Church of Inner Light. 

Learn more about Sarah on her website at

Receive her free gift : “21-Day Path to Pleasure Program”

S2E6.1 - 11:11 New Moon Guided Meditation

November 11, 2015

11:11 is a powerful, gateway day. It is a day to connect with your vision, plant it in your life and powerfully step through the gateway to your path of destiny. 

Join me for this journey and powerfully step in today!

S2E6 - 11:11 Portal + New Moon Magic

November 10, 2015

11:11 is the Scorpio New Moon and a very powerful day for activating new intentions. It is a day that invites you to boldly step forward and claim the path you want to walk in your life. It is a day to activate that vision by planting its seed. 

Two fantastic stones to work with during this new moon are Selenite and Labradorite. 
Listen to learn more about how you can plant the seeds of your soul's vision and work with these amazing stones. 

Conversations with Wise Women - Laura Hollick

November 9, 2015

In this week's episode of 'Conversations with Wise Women' we are joined by Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio. 

Over the years she has inspired me in many ways, in particular how she brings imagined worlds to life through her artistic and sacred expression. 

Join us as Laura talks about her sabbatical + journey of deepening her relationship with her soul, her upcoming nu Icon movie, and the crystals that she is currently working with!

About Laura . . .
Laura Hollick is an award-winning artist, creative spiritual entrepreneur and activist for the nü Earth. She is known as the Soul Art Shaman.

After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She is the CEO and founder of Soul Art Studio Inc., a thriving business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life- Laura Hollick.’ She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle.’ Laura recently gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”

Laura’s visionary art and insights inspire audiences around the world through her weekly “Pure Inspiration” newsletter and global events like International Soul Art Day, the Global Vision Quest and now our fourth year of the nü Icon Movie.

Laura believes that each person’s life is their soul’s art and she approaches her own life as living, breathing art.

Conversations with Wise Women - Lisa Berkovitz

November 1, 2015

I am so happy to introduce to you a new series on the Priestess Pathway Podcast: Conversations with Wise Women.

We are kicking off this week with a conversation with my friend, colleague, and fellow entrepreneur, Lisa Berkovitz. 

Lisa and I met in 2011 during Laura Hollick’s nu Icon mentorship program and we reconnected again this summer during Laura’s nu Icon movie intensive. 

Tune in to learn more about finding your soul’s sweet spot and sacred travel.

A bit more about Lisa:

Lisa Berkovitz mentors world-changers to step into their Life’s Work at the highest level. She helps them cut away what's no longer aligned, and dial in to what's essential so they can step into the large-scale impact they know they’re here for.

She started her career as an M.B.A. in the corporate world getting large-scale projects launched for Fortune 100 and 500 multinational corporations, and then in brand marketing where her largest product portfolio was in excess of $90 million. She also spent 9 years as part of the core team hosting the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for world leaders in Davos, Switzerland. 

Lisa’s burning passion for personal and spiritual growth led her to become an entrepreneur and coach in 1999. She’s a master-level NLP practitioner, Reiki master, and adores yoga, dance and international travel.